Truck Driver CDL Drug Testing Compliance – Bundle Pricing

Easy to Read, Simple Pricing

CDL Drug Test - Physicals & Consortium Packages

Bundle Price for all Three is $235.00

DOT Physical - CDL Physical Exam


DOT Drug Test - CDL Drug Test


1 Year Consortium Membership


3 Pack Bundle

Physical, Drug Test & Consortium


Driving Record


Basic Background Check


PSP Record (your CDL Driving Record)


How do you become a clinic client?

Whether you have one new hire a year or 500, its the same process.

1 . Sign Up Online

We gather information such as your business name, who to contact, who to invoice, and who is allowed to order drug test and get results. Along with Phone Numbers, Emails and even your drug testing policy if you have one.

3 . Send them our way!

With your custom passport, you start sending your applicants or employees to us right away. They check in with their request form, and we handle the rest. Most of the time they are in and out in 15 minutes, and results come to you by email, fax or your own online portal.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Local Drug Testing Facility with Flexability of a Nationwide Network. 

Fast In & Out in 15 Minutes or Schedule your Appointment