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Hours of 10am to 6pm

COVID19 Antigen Rapid Test $95covid19 Antibody rapid test $75

911 Drug Testing is the all-in-one solution for all of your pre-employment needs.

From background check to drug test to fingerprinting, screening made easy

Most businesses rely on an outdated pre-employment system. One company for criminal background checks. Another company handles your drug testing. And still another one for fingerprint background checks. This inefficient process means you’re often stuck waiting for results from multiple agencies at the same time and paying each of them separately.

Our process is easy! It starts by signing up online. This gives you a chance to tell us about your business, provide contact information, and even explain your drug testing policy.


Ink & Live-Scan Fingerprinting. Our professionals roll your new hire's fingertips in ink and onto prepared cards.


This service includes Social Security Number Trace, National Criminal Database Search, Address History Trace, National Sex Offender Search, Terrorist Watch (OFAC) Search, and more!


We handle the pre-employment drug testing for you! Includes Urine Drug Testing, Hair Drug Testing, Alcohol Breath Testing, and Oral Drug Testing. Talk to our professionals to learn more!


We handle TB testing and Flu shots after our pre-employment tests and checks.

You Hire. We Onboard.

Our Certifications.

Urine Drug Testing

5 Panel Urine Instant

COC/MOP/BZO/BUP/MTD (no THC)       $32.00

10 Panel Urine Instant


12 Panel Urine Instant


DOT Drug Test - FMCSA, FTA & Others

THC/COC/OPI/AMP/PCP + Opioids     $55.00

5 Panel E-Cup Urine Instant with Confirmation

COC/mAMP/THC/OPI/PCP (includes confirmation & MRO)    $40.00

6-10 Panel X-Cup Urine Instant with Confirmation

AMP/BAR/BZO/COC/METH/MTD/MOP/OXY/PCP/THC (includes confirmation & MRO)   $45.00

5 Panel Lab Urine + Alcohol

AMP/COC/OPI/PCP/THC + Alcohol $75.00

10 Panel Urine Lab Drug Test


METH/B20/BAR/MOMA/mAMP    $60.00

Breath Alcohol DOT & Non-DOT

Post-Accident & Reasonable Suspicion    $35.00

DOT Drug Testing

Breath Alcohol DOT & Non-DOT

Post-Accident & Reasonable Suspicion    $35.00

DOT Drug Test - FMCSA, FTA & Others

THC/COC/OPI/AMP/PCP + Opioids     $55.00

Hair Drug Testing (more panels listed under Fingernail section below)

5 Panel Hair Drug Test

AMP/COC/OPI/PCP/THC      $85.00

7 Panel Hair Drug Test


5 Panel Hair Drug Test + Alcohol (ETG)

AMP/COC/OPI/PCP/THC + Alcohol      $215.00

Saliva Drug Testing

5 Panel Instant Oral/Saliva

MET/COC/OPI/PCP/THC      $35.00

12 Panel Instant Oral/Saliva Includes Alcohol


Includes Alcohol  $45.00

5 Panel Oral/Saliva Lab Drug Test

AMP/COC/OPI/PCP/THC       $45.00

9 Panel Oral/Saliva Lab Drug Test


Fingernail Drug Testing

Fingernail 5 Panel Drug Test


Custom Fingernail/Hair Panels offered by USDTL Labs

7 Drug Panel $170

9 Drug Panel $210

12 Drug Panel (Meperidine & Tramadol) $300

14 Drug Panel (Fentanyl & Sutentanil) $350

15 Drug Panel (Ketamine) $410

16 Drug Panel (Buprenorphine) $420

17 Drug Panel (Zolpidem) $430


Fingernail 10 Panel Drug Test


Custom Fingernail/Hair Panels offered by USDTL Labs

ETG $200

High Potency Opiods (HPO's) $180

Diphenhydramine $180

Glucuronide $300

Child Guard 5 Drug Panel $170

Child Guard 7 Drug Panel $180

Child Guard 9 Drug Panel $220

For Information on Choosing the Right Panels Visit: How to Choose the Right Panels

Alcohol Testing

Breath Alcohol Breath Test

DOT or Non-DOT Drug Test $35.00

Blood Alcohol

Blood Alcohol Drug Test - $195


Time to get your new-hires on board faster! Background Checks & Drug Testing Made Easy! Most businesses rely on multiple agencies for criminal background checks, drug testing, and fingerprinting, but at 911 Drug Testing, we provide every service you need. 

Need onsite Drug Testing, Fingerprinting for Immunizations Clinics? We are MOBILE, get a custom price quote based on number of students  or applicants, and services you need. If any one is absent the day of the onsite, they are welcome to use our local clinics right here in the Valley!

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