Fingernail Drug Testing

Fingernail Drug Test: Results in 5-7 Business Days

Fingernails are four times thicker than the typical strand of hair and often capture more of a substance than hair can. Biomarkers become locked in keratin fibers along the entire length of the nail, and can be detected up to 3-6 months after drug or alcohol abuse. Due to the relatively slow speed at which fingernails and toenails grow, it’s possible to detect these traces for months afterward. This makes nail drug testing an ideal option for those wishing to screen for drug usage at any point in the past eight or so months.


Drug Test Details

911 Drug Testing offers Pre-Employment Fingernail Testing from USDTL Labs. 

Panel Name: Nail Testing

Panel Description: Nail Testing Drug Panel

Type: Profile

Matrix: Nail

Collection Container: Foil in Secure Envelope

Sample Amount: 100 mg = 10 clippings @ 2mm thick (Larger profiles may require more. We recommend weighing the specimen on a jeweler’s scale.)

Storage Conditions: Room Temperature

Transport Conditions: Ambient

Method: Initial screen and confirmation

Turnaround Time: Generally, the standard turnaround time for reporting negative screening test results is the next business day, with an additional 1-2 business days for specimens that require confirmatory testing. Turnaround time begins from receipt of the valid specimen –accompanied by a properly documented valid order– into the laboratory. Some tests require additional time to process and will fall outside the standard turnaround time window.


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