Ink & Live-Scan Fingerprinting

Types of Fingerprinting

911 Drug Testing offers a full range of fingerprinting services at your location or ours. 

  • Ink
  • Live-Scan
  • FDLE
  • FBI
Ink Fingerprinting

You may provide your own card or we have FD-258 Cards we can provide you. Usually DPS will need these for a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card. We only use the best Ink, and properly prepare your prints with tamper proof tape.

Digital Live-Scan

Live-Scan fingerprint capture electronic system that captures your digital prints and prints them on FD-258 cards, reducing returned or rejected prints. Prints can be saved for up to one year, and you can come back to our location to have them re-printed or mailed out upon request.

Mobile Onsite Fingerprinting

Need a team fingerprinted at your location? $65 per hour, with a two hour minimum Trip Free.


Drug Testing and Notary Mobile Services also available


Time to get your new-hires on board faster! Background Checks & Drug Testing Made Easy! Most businesses rely on multiple agencies for criminal background checks, drug testing, and fingerprinting, but at 911 Drug Testing, we provide every service you need. 

Need onsite Drug Testing, Fingerprinting for Immunizations Clinics? We are MOBILE, get a custom price quote based on number of students  or applicants, and services you need. If any one is absent the day of the onsite, they are welcome to use our local clinics right here in the Valley!

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