Fingerprinting for Teachers & School Contractors


How to Get Your Identity Verified Prints:

  • Walk-In’s Accepted at both our Phoenix & Glendale Location
  • DPS Application is available at our locations without going to DPS office first, and assist you in completing the Application
  • Identification: Two (2) forms of identification, at least one (1) of which must be a valid government-issued photo ID

Cost for our Services:

  • $30 Fee for Fingerprinting and the Chain of Custody Process
  • $67 Fee in the form of a Cashiers Check or Money Order to DPS
  • Don’t have a check or money order? We can send a company check for $10.00 processing fee
  • We will submit your fingerprints, money order, and completed Fingerprint Clearance Card application to the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZDPS). AZDPS will, after a successful criminal background check, AZDPS will issue you a Fingerprint Clearance Card.Collecting IVP fingerprints requires the submission of the application packet directly from our office so as to not break the Chain of Custody

What is the difference between a Regular & an IVP Application?

The only difference is when your fingerprints are taken. 

Once an applicant’s fingerprints have been taken for a Regular (Non-IVP) paper application the technician is able to return the completed fingerprint card to the applicant for delivery to DPS, along with the application and fee for processing.

For an IVP paper application, the statutes on the application require the submission of “Identity Verified Prints” (IVP) pursuant to ARS § 15-106 which reads in part:

…The law enforcement agency, school district, charter school or other entity shall verify the identity of the applicant through recognized means of photographic identification and a comparison of the demographic information on the photographic identification against the demographic information on the application form and the fingerprint card. The authorized person taking the fingerprints shall enter on the application form a description of the photographic identification presented by the applicant. The law enforcement agency, school district, charter school or other entity shall place the completed fingerprint card, the completed application form or any other form required by the department of public safety and the fee provided by the applicant in the postage prepaid envelope provided by the department of public safety and mail it to the fingerprinting division in the department of public safety…

This means the technician taking the fingerprints must not break the chain of custody by giving the fingerprints back to the applicant, but must mail the fingerprint card directly to DPS, along with the application and fee, in the provided blue DPS return envelope.


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