Mobile Onsite Testing



Background Checks, Drug Testing, Fingerprinting & Immunizations at our location or yours.

Save Payroll Hours: 

Bringing testing on site allows for employees to spend around five to ten minutes of their day getting testing instead of taking the time out of their workday to drive to the testing office, wait, get tested and drive back to work.

Onsite testing also eliminates travel time, expenses and liability!

Test Everyone all at Once:

Onsite testing also allows for all employees to be tested at once; bulk testing.

Prevents Cheating: 

Although it is difficult to cheat on a drug test, determined individuals may find a way. By choosing onsite testing, results are accurate and up-to-date since employees are tested immediately and without an opportunity to acquire drug-free samples or wait for drugs and alcohol to naturally leave the body.

Anytime, Anywhere:

911 Drug Testing can come to you and fulfill all testing needs 24/7 wherever and whenever.