FINRA-FDLE  Fingerprint Live-Scan

Live-Scan Electronic Fingerprinting

FINRA Fingerprints

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority or FINRA processes fingerprints firms submit on behalf od their associated persons, who are required to be fingerprinted pursuant to Section 17f-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  911 Drug Testing is an authorized for EFP Electronic Fingerprint Submission to FINRA.

Florida FDLE Live-Scan

Obtain a Criminal History Record Check. 911 Drug Testing is now authorized to transmit fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement electronically.

Do I need to make an appointment to get fingerprinted?

No Appointments are Required.

Tempe and Glendale Locations, both offer ink fingerprinting, and have the application that you need to submit to Arizona DPS along with your fingerprint card.

Tempe and Glendale location offers LIVE-SCAN Fingerprinting, where your prints are taken on a finger scanner, and transferred directly to Florida FDLE for the background check. We need the ORI number to proceed (provided by whomever asked you to get the FDLE background).

How do I get more information about this process?

Find more information here:


What do I need to do to submit electronically?

  1. All requests are to be submitted electronically.
  2. You must already be a registered VECHS entity. We are certified through PrintScan, out of New York with a direct connection to FDLE.
  3.  You must arrange to be fingerprinted on a live scan device.


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